Tactical Rifle/Pistol

Alpha Omega Combatives & Krav Maga

Tactical Rifle/Pistol

The Tactical Rifle/Pistol course is designed enhance participants combat effectiveness with tactical rifles (M4/AR15, M16, AK47). Participants will become intimately familiar with their tactical rifles and close quarter battle pistol, and how to effectively utilize them at combat distances for self-defense and home protection.

This course will focus on speed, accuracy, tactical live fire movements, close quarter rifle operations, and transitioning from rifle to pistol. This course is designed to help you to embrace your body’s natural reactions to stress during a combative situation.

Tactical Rifle/Pistol Course – February 18th – 8:00am-5:00pm
Course: $175
Course with ammo provided – $395.00 based on .223 and 9mm
Call for ammo prices in other calibers
Max class size – 16

Ammunition requirements: 500 rounds rifle & 100 rounds pistol

Equipment Requirements: Tactical rifle, pistol, 3 or more magazines for each firearm, eye and ear protection, sling and holster for weapons. Clothing appropriate for all weather conditions.

Recommended: Knee and elbow pads, hydration source